Friday, July 12, 2013

Sketching Traditionally Again

Yesterday was kind of rough for me, but I managed to get this much done. I decided to try to get back into traditional art, since it's been forever since I touched my sketch book! I looked back and it's been about three weeks since I last sketched in it. I need to start making a habit out of it again since I've gotten a bit out of practice.

"061: Poliwhirl"
Pokemon of the Day!

I did some more sketches of The Nays to cheer myself up again. It also worked as a warm-up for the storyboards I worked on last night.

Finally got back to doing some Aladdin gestures.

Some quick concept idea sketches for the main girl of Project Deanster. Obviously none of these are even close to final, I was just sketching.


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