Monday, June 3, 2013

You're Not Alone!

Yesterday wasn't really the most productive day. I couldn't really get motivated until night when I listened to the Paperwings Podcast and started working on the digital art.


These were some thumbnail sketches I did. The first two were Hunter x Hunter sketches, but I decided to go with a different idea instead. So the rest are all thumbnail sketches for the below piece.

This piece is basically revisiting a whole series of drawings that I used to do many years ago. I would often create drawings revolving around Death possessing Trekkon, and all of The Nays being forced to fight him. I'd always listen to You're Not Alone from Final Fantasy IX while drawing them too. So this particular piece is the first of a few different instances.  Basically, Trekkon oversees Gair and Rasake on a date at the beach. Overtaken by jealousy, he lets his guard down and is possessed by Death.

"22: Fearow"
Pokemon of the Day!

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