Saturday, May 4, 2013

Meet Vhan

We've been working on a walk cycle with personality for the past week or so in my Animation II class. This is a refined design of a character that my brother and I created: Vhan.

"Vhan Personality Walk"
I finished my personality walk cycle (my final for Animation II) this weekend.

"Vhan Concept Sketches"
Some concepts that I did for Vhan, as well as the background.

"Background Design"
The background I did to pan behind the walk cycle. This is from a scene in The Nays in which Vhan, as well as a few others, are eating at a fancy restaurant.

"Character Walk Concepts"
These were some sketches I did while trying to figure out which character to go with for my personality walk cycle. As you can see above, I decided to go with Vhan.

"Animation Gestures"
Some gestures that we did of cartoons in Animation II class.

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