Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let's Speedvore it Up!

I decided to start back up on designing the characters for Speedvore. We're planning on having at least all of the concept work and artwork done for the game by the end of this summer. I'll keep updating here with what I have. I'm working on putting up a blog for it, so once we have some solid concept art to make the blog look nice, I'll link to that.


"Speedvore Character Faces"
I've been working on trying to finalize some designs for the characters; at least the faces and hair, I will be working on clothing once I get these in place. I'm still not completely satisfied with how Sum 3 and Speedvore came out, so I'm gonna be working on them some more. I'm pretty sure Gonavee and Mira are going in the right direction though.

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