Sunday, April 7, 2013

Concepts of Comic Book Me

So it's coming to that point of the year where it's really nice outside, but then there are finals and it's just so hard to stay focused. Plus there's scheduling tonight,  so I'm super stressed about that. Somehow I've been able to sketch a lot nonetheless. Anyway, here's what I've got for this week.

"Self Character Concepts"
These are a bunch of different styles I did of myself in the outfit that I'm pretty that I'm going with. Basically we're making a comic book cover in Illustration class and I am the main character. My favorite one is probably the third one.

"Self Marker Drawings"
Some initial character sketches I did of myself. These are the different outfits that I wear, but I decided to go with the last one to expand on. The one under it is a quick marker doodle that I did to figure out the right colors and feel for my more finished marker drawings above.

"Thumbnail Covers"
Some concept covers I came up with. I'm thinking about going with the one on the second page with the check mark next to it.

"Gesture Poses"
Some gesture drawings I did from comic book pages for my Illustration class.

"Acrylic Guitar Figure"
This is the piece that I did for our final in-class day for my Commercial Figure Drawing class. We were given the opportunity to choose whichever medium we wanted to use, and I decided to go with Acrylics. Ever since the previous class, I have felt a lot more excited to experiment with acrylics and determined to improve and learn how to paint with them well. So this was one more step towards that goal, which I will definitely try to head towards more this summer.

"CFD Sketchbook Pages"
Some more additions to my on-going sketchbook project in Commercial Figure Drawing.

"Pubby Doodles"
Some doodles I did while I was studying after meeting with Sarah, the creative coach whom I went to for some advice.

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