Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Scanner!

So this weekend I got a new scanner. No more of those bad quality images for my traditional work. But anyway, my family was in town this weekend so there wasn't quite as much time for art, but I still managed to squeeze some in. Also this past Friday was the Illustration Round Table at my college, in which a bunch of Illustrators from the industry came in and spoke with that. So I got pretty inspired from that.

"My Little Buddy"
So after drawing a bunch of stingrays over spring break, I really realized how much I liked them. This is a quick piece that I did this weekend. I decided to play around with some textures in Sai.

"Speedvore Character Concepts"
 I decided to try and expand on my original character ideas for my game-to-be, Speedvore. So I experimented with drawing some various concepts for the three main characters: Gonavee, Sum3, and Speedvore.

"Documentary Storyboards"
Some really quick storyboards that I did for my final Video I project. It's a documentary about my group of friends.

"Illustration Comic Concepts"
Our next project in my Illustration class is to create a comic book cover with ourselves being the main character. After some brainstorming with my friend Jinny, I decided to go with an idea of a comic in which I am the background character. Thus, titling it "Invisible."

"Acrylic Figure Drawing"
In Commercial Figure Drawing this week, we worked with acrylics. My instructor gave us a demo at the start of class, which really taught me how to use acrylics the correct way. Honestly I never really knew much of how to use them until now, so this is probably my most successful acrylic piece thus far.

"CFD Sketchbook Pages"
Some more additions to my on-going sketchbook project in Commercial Figure Drawing.

"Forensic Pathology"
For my Genetics class, our final was to do a research paper on a type of pathology and create a piece of artwork to go along with it. So this is what I came up with.

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