Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Banner!

So I finally decided to update my banner, since it's been awhile. I actually started up concepts for it over winter break, but I didn't get around to actually finishing it until now. Also if you haven't noticed, I changed the name of my blog so that it would add a bit more of my personality to it. Plus I wanted it to be a little bit different. I'll start off this post with the high-resolution version of my banner:

"New Banner"
High-resolution of my new banner.

"Animation Gestures"
Some more gestures done during Animation class.

 "Silhouette Practice"
In my Intro to Illustration class, we were given various prompts in which we had to create a unique silhouette of. Some are a lot more established than others, since for our final we are only building upon three of them. 

"Ink Study Take 2"
My second time working with ink. This one got a bit more finished than the first round, but there's still work that could have been done to it.

"CFD Sketchbook Pages"
Some more additions to my on-going sketchbook project in Commercial Figure Drawing.

"Cat Practice"
At the Weeklies this week, we drew cats. First we started with gestures, then continued on to make our own characters. I used Pubby and Eather for some of them, but I made up a few new ones.

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