Monday, October 8, 2012

The Ugly Dinosaur: Project Launch

So this week in Design for Media, our class was split into three groups. Each group is working on a different project. So I get to work on Jinny and Laura's idea, The Ugly Dinosaur. I have been assigned the jobs of: Storyboard artist, Animator, Clean-up Artist, and Pipeline Director. So here's what I have so far:


Scene 3 Thumbnails

Scene  5 Thumbnails

Practice Sketches:

These are basic concept sketches so that I could get an idea on how to draw the characters. I'm mostly trying to get in the habit and get used to drawing them. I also did an overhead view of the scene I was working on, so that I could get a better sense of space for the storyboards.

Since I am also the Pipeline Director, I created a Dropbox account for the group so that we could all upload our files there.


  1. These are turning out nicely. Seeing you work and revise personally on these is a treat. Keep it up!

  2. Always loved going through storyboards. You have a nice layout and sequence going for them, looks good!

  3. These are looking really nice, the redone story boards came out alot better. I can't wait to see the animatic when its done!

    1. Thanks Blair, I'll definitely have the finished animatic up soon. ;)