Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Ugly Dinosaur: Finishing up Pre-Production Work

This week I've been pretty busy with my team's Ugly Dinosaur Project. Here's basically what I did this week:

(If you cannot view Scene 2, click here)

I put together the Animatics for Scenes 2 - 5. I only drew the storyboards for scenes 3 and 5, but I timed out all 4 of those scenes. Hillary put together scene 1 and combined all of them into the final animatic, which can be found on our Youtube page.

I also updated our Youtube page a bit. I added a Production Playlist, which includes all of the videos created for our project. I also added a Crew List of links to our Members' Youtube pages on the right side of the page.

As the Pipeline Director, I've been continually updating our Dropbox account. As I receive files, I  upload them to the specific folders.  This provides for easy access to all of our files among our group members.


Since I am one of the general animators, my job was to do some basic thumbnailing for some of the characters. Jinny suggested experimenting with the Torvosauruses and Dot's parents, since they were not assigned any specific members to animate yet.

Practice Sketches:

And as always, I have been practicing drawing the characters. Since Vincent finalized the model sheets earlier in the week, I was finally able to experiment drawing the characters in the finalized style.


  1. Great job on the animatics and thumbnailing! Make sure to keep the eyes big on most of the characters. With designs like these, bigger eyes tend to come off as more appealing.

    1. Thanks, Vincent! I'll definitely look out for the eyes when I'm drawing them from now on. :)

  2. I love all of this! It's clear you guys are working hard and getting far in this piece. I can't wait to view your animatic as a whole. There's a slight difference in style here throughout the videos, but I'm sure you'll address that when it comes to the actual animation.

    1. Thank you, Tara! :D
      Hillary actually put our whole animatic together, I just didn't link directly to it. You can find it on our Youtube channel though (which I linked in the post). ;) Yes, now that we've established a style for the final, we're working on unifying all of our works to fit this style.