Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lots of Work

So I haven't really updated my blog recently that wasn't for my Design for Media class. I've been working on a lot, I just haven't found the time to upload it all. Design for Media's definitely been keeping me the most busy though. But here's everything else that I've been working on that is not for that class.

"Meteor Age Animatic"
My first actual colored animatic I've made. This is a trailer for a movie I made up called Meteor Age. It's basically a small portion of my slightly larger series, Biggert City. This is basically just a story about R and how he is kicked out of his band and forms a new group.

"Arianna Digby Model Sheet"
A Model sheet I created for my character, Arianna Digby. You can see her walk cycle animation below.

"Arianna Walk Cycle"
My first time doing a walk cycle. This is Arianna Digby, a shy and nervous girl. I did this for my Animation I class.

"Character Doodling"
A bunch of various character sketches. The first two are Jinny's characters, but the colored pencil ones are mine. And then the girl on the right is a concept idea for my game proposal I made last week.

"Trailer Storyboard Thumbnails"
The thumbnail sketches I did for my current storyboard, Meteor Age Trailer.

"Biggert City & Nays Sketches"
Some sketches I've been doing. The Biggert City ones are on the top, which was basically me re-designing some of the characters for my trailer. The bottom are just a couple of sketches of The Nays.

"Gozo Morph Animation"
A morph animation I did for Animation I class. So I did a milkshake turning into Gozo, then turning into a cheeseburger.

"Various Gestures"
The first portion are just from figure drawing sites that I did with my roommates one day. The majority of the others are from the day that I went with Renée and Chris around Columbus to draw. There are some from when I went to Gamestop to the Pokemon Black & White 2 midnight release. And then the rest are of my friends Blair and Austin, who volunteered to pose for us to draw.

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