Monday, May 28, 2012

Re-Creating Old Works

So recently I've been going back through my old art and trying to redo some of them. Basically just thinking up better compositions with the same subject. Plus trying to improve proportion issues and just improving it overall. Also I've been working on some character development sketches.

"Breaktime for Geno"
A redone version of one of my earliest digital pieces. This is Geno from Super Mario RPG, one of my favorite SNES video games.

 "Life of Ralphie Ragger"
More character development sketches.

 "Bubble Man's Sorrow Sketch"
Redone sketch of an old digital piece.

 "True Betrayal Sketch"
Redone sketch of an old digital piece.

 "Ralphie Side Face Sketch"
Quick sketch for a banner I'm thinking of making.

"Life of Zandra Saku"
Character development sketches.

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