Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finals... Consuming My Life...

So literally I've been going crazy with all of this workload of finals. Don't have all that much time to do anything besides finals, but I decided that I can't go against my word that I would update my blog once a week. Sooo here's a lot of the stuff I've been doing recently. I don't have time to write descriptions for everything, but I'll at least title all of them. I'm kind of amazed at how satisfied I've been with some of my recent pieces. It's either I've improved a lot this semester, or I work better under a lot of stress and pressure of having so many deadlines in a short amount of time. xD Oh but I don't have time to upload any of my animations anywhere, but that will be on next week or the week after that's update.

"Color Self Portrait in Progress"
One of my finals for painting class. I managed to get this much done in one class period, but it still has a lot of work to be done on it. I was mostly playing around with perspective and colors in this piece.

"Expressive Self Portrait in Progress"
One of my finals for painting class. I painted this with an effect that made my left eye much larger, as if looking through a fisheye lens.

"Under the Mask of Rudat in Progress"
 One of my quick studies. This is still in the early stages, since I have not shaded it at all.

"Rudat Sketch"

"Title in Progress"
Title screen for my game for Design class. I might still change it up a bit, so it's kind of a work in progress.

"Forest Panorama"
Background image for the first map of my game for my Design class.

"Rendered Portrait"

 "Head & Shoulder Gestures"

"First Painted Full Body"

 "First Painted Portrait"

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