Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easing Back into Digital Art

It feels like it's been forever since I did any digital art (like two or three weeks at least). But now I'm trying to get back into the habit of doing digital art again. I've been getting too lazy and just doing a bunch of sketches. I need to work myself harder and actually get some finished pieces out there!

"Thinking About You"
After analyzing The-Ez's style for two weeks, I came up with this drawing after learning some stuff from her. This is my character, Jennie Hamilton, who is thinking about her childhood friend, Scott Ragger.

"Life of Gair Saku"
Here's the main protagonist of The Nays, Gair Saku. This is basically just peeking into his mind throughout all of the different points in the storyline. It was meant to show character development and to help me exhibit his personality better.

"Pubby, Zandra, and Sayaka Sketches"
Just some quick sketches. Besides Sayaka, I didn't use any references.

"Geek No! Sketch"
A quick sketch of a digital piece I plan on doing at some point this summer.

"Geno Sleeping Sketch"
Another sketch of a piece I plan to turn digitally. I've already started on the digital piece of this one, but it's not done yet. That will be up in the next update. This was done for an Improvement Meme where I re-did one of my really old digital pieces.

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