Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mecha Practice

So recently I've been drawing a lot of mechas to get practice. Since that's one of my weakest points, I'm trying to improve so I can actually draw them. ^^; I've been getting inspired by having Gundam Wing on in the background every night while I sketch. Plus I've been looking to Mega Man and Live A Live a little bit for inspiration on this as well.

 "Buriki Daioh: Here I Am!"
Some more practice with mechas, but this time it's an actual finished fully colored digital piece. I've been meaning to do some Live A Live fanart for awhile, but I never got around to it until now. I also was experimenting with different brushes to create different textures. That shows the most on Buriki Daioh. In actuality, Akira should be a bit smaller, but I wanted him to be visible in the picture instead of showing his real size in comparison to Buriki Daioh.

"Buriki Daioh Sketch"
Sketch of the above finished piece.

"Fanart Sketches"
Just wanted to do some fanart that wasn't all completely mechas. I mean Cube from Live A Live did sneak in there, but he's more of just a little robot. Then I've got Minato and Kushina from Shippuuden and then there's Trowa and Heero from Gundam Wing.

"The M Six Main Nays"
I decided to draw my six main characters of The Nays in a line to compare heights from the beginning. So this is Gair, Pubby, Ralphie, Zandra, Scott, and Grenna.

"Gundam Wing Sketches"
Just some Gundam Wing sketches.

"Super Fighting Robots"
Some practice drawing from Mega Man and Gundam Wing as a reference.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Re-Creating Old Works

So recently I've been going back through my old art and trying to redo some of them. Basically just thinking up better compositions with the same subject. Plus trying to improve proportion issues and just improving it overall. Also I've been working on some character development sketches.

"Breaktime for Geno"
A redone version of one of my earliest digital pieces. This is Geno from Super Mario RPG, one of my favorite SNES video games.

 "Life of Ralphie Ragger"
More character development sketches.

 "Bubble Man's Sorrow Sketch"
Redone sketch of an old digital piece.

 "True Betrayal Sketch"
Redone sketch of an old digital piece.

 "Ralphie Side Face Sketch"
Quick sketch for a banner I'm thinking of making.

"Life of Zandra Saku"
Character development sketches.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easing Back into Digital Art

It feels like it's been forever since I did any digital art (like two or three weeks at least). But now I'm trying to get back into the habit of doing digital art again. I've been getting too lazy and just doing a bunch of sketches. I need to work myself harder and actually get some finished pieces out there!

"Thinking About You"
After analyzing The-Ez's style for two weeks, I came up with this drawing after learning some stuff from her. This is my character, Jennie Hamilton, who is thinking about her childhood friend, Scott Ragger.

"Life of Gair Saku"
Here's the main protagonist of The Nays, Gair Saku. This is basically just peeking into his mind throughout all of the different points in the storyline. It was meant to show character development and to help me exhibit his personality better.

"Pubby, Zandra, and Sayaka Sketches"
Just some quick sketches. Besides Sayaka, I didn't use any references.

"Geek No! Sketch"
A quick sketch of a digital piece I plan on doing at some point this summer.

"Geno Sleeping Sketch"
Another sketch of a piece I plan to turn digitally. I've already started on the digital piece of this one, but it's not done yet. That will be up in the next update. This was done for an Improvement Meme where I re-did one of my really old digital pieces.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New banner!

You may or may not have noticed, but I finally changed my banner. For some reason it still doesn't look entirely like me, but at least it has a more updated example of my current skills. So I've been busy drawing this whole week so far and I plan to continue this mindset throughout all of summer~

 "Characterized Self"
Same picture from my banner, just a higher res version.

"New Identity Sketches"
Trying to think up a new internet identity for myself so I drew these to fit with my name ideas I had so far.

"Trunks Giftart"
A quick sketch I did for my friend's birthday.

"Jennie Sketches"
Some sketches I did of my character, Jennie Hamilton. I'm going to end up using one of these sketches for my final improvement piece.

"Banner Concepts"
Just some quick sketches of myself that I drew using a mirror.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've been going along with my promise to draw something every day. Basically all of these are just sketches I did of my characters. I'm trying to develop a new style so I'm referencing other artists' styles and trying to make my own based off of theirs as a start.

 "Thorny Bush"
This is the only piece of this update that isn't sketches of my characters. I actually made this a couple of weeks ago, but I never got around to making it look presentable until today. My brother helped me out a lot in learning how to use Maya. I also was having a lot of issues animating it and making the lighting look right, so I ended up having to take a lower quality picture to present it. I might figure out how to fix this thing up completely some day though.

 "ACider and Kali Tea Sketch"

"Arianna Sketches"

"Nays Style Sketches"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Improvement Here I Come~

I know I did JUST update, but I figured I might as well try to update more than once a week. Basically I'm just gonna update whenever I get around to it. Who knows, maybe I'll make a habit of updating every other day or something. But basically today I've been drawing like crazy. And I discovered that I'm best at drawing between 12am and 3am. Before that, I get too caught up in criticizing myself, and then after that I get too tired or something and just end up not being able to draw as well; but anyway, that's my new discovery of the day.

"Style Practices"
I was practicing drawing some of my characters in styles based off of artists I really admire on DA. These are the first drawings I did to figure out which style I wanted to experiment with more.

"Lizzy Eisen Concepts"

"Snips Concepts"

"Kevin and Mar Concepts"

"Cassie Saku Concepts"

"Gary and Serenity Concepts"
These are just some more character re-designs. I'm working on re-designing all of my characters by the end of summer and hopefully I'll remake a lot of my storyline so it'll be all ready for when I animate my characters for my classes in the fall.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finals are Finally Over~

So it's been awhile since I last updated my blog, but I blame finals. My last final was Thursday, but I've been settling in back at home the past couple of days so I haven't really had time to update or do much art so far. But hey, that's what the rest of summer is for!

"Under the Mask of Rudat"
So this is my character, Rudat. I have not yet drawn him without his mask, but I figured it would fit with the theme. This image deals with the theme of masking one's feelings. Since Rudat wears a mask all the time, no one is able to see his face underneath the mask. It is common that people will wear a mask of happiness on the outside, while they are actually hurting on the inside. I decided to include pieces of his mask breaking away to show the tears underneath.

"No More Tears"
The boy on the left is JrTr, and the girl on the right is Clove. Since this is the last of the pieces in my series, it is a bit more uplifting than the rest. Although Clove is crying, JrTr is comforting her. This image depicts the message of never being alone. Friends are always there to comfort us in our hard times.

"Self Portrait Drawing Final"
My Final self portrait for my Drawing class. Some of the proportions are a bit off, but it's probably one of the best drawings I've done for my class.

"Expressive Color Self Portrait"
One of my finals for painting class with somewhat of a sad mood; it kind of ties together with my quick studies. I was mostly playing around with perspective and colors in this piece.

"Extreme Self Portrait"
One of my finals for painting class. I painted this with an effect that made my left eye much larger, as if looking through a fisheye lens.

"Personal Space Game"
You can download the actual game by clicking download here.

"Personal Space - Game Over"
This is the game over screen to my Personal Space game.

"Brawl of the Gangs"
To watch the animation, click here.
This story takes place within a large city known as Neo Obelisque City. This is a city in which many gangs roam. Primarily there are two major gangs that run the different parts of the city: the Dusty Dimes and the Bleeding Libras. Within this animation, Yaro is the central figure. Yaro is the leader of the Bleeding Libras, and the man who is caught in the Dusty Dimes’ area. Lonny, the leader of the Dusty Dimes, sends his whole gang after Yaro to try and kill him. Yaro, being the strongest member of his gang, is able to fend off the Dusty Dimes until they almost take him out from behind. Luckily his partner, Dusk, comes to the rescue and saves him. The two of them then run from the Dusty Dimes’ area of the city, while being chased. In the end, they escape their turf and end up back in the Bleeding Libras’ area, behind the lot of cars.
"Hopping Through the Line"
To watch the animation, click here. 
This is a quick rotoscope study that I did of footage that I recorded of my family at a party.

"Pen and Ink Figure"
This is the last in-class drawing that I did for Drawing. Since pen/ink is my favorite traditional medium, I really enjoyed doing this. It's a shame I didn't have enough time to finish it though.

This is one of my first times dealing with foreshortening.