Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekly Updates

I decided that I'm gonna start updating weekly instead of daily just because it'll be a bit more manageable now.

"Active Luna"
Here is my part of an original character exchange that I participated in. This is someone's character named Luna. I decided to make her be standing on a glass ledge standing over a city because my partner requested an active-type pose.

 "Active Luna Sketch"
This is my sketch for the above drawing.

"Paelo Concepts"
This is one of my characters, Paelo. He is one of the antagonists that isn't all that main. I just felt the need to draw some of the not as main characters.

"Mowzeye Concepts"
This is another one of my characters, Mowzeye. Mowzeye is a cat who likes to help those in need. Whenever she sees someone who gives off negative vibes, she will seek to correct their unacceptable behaviors. She lives on her own and is very independent, yet caring.

"Dorby Concepts"
This is one of my characters, Dorby. Dorby is a creature from Biggert City. He enjoys digging holes, and is often seen hanging around with Lappy. The two of them are often causing mischief and moving about.

"Edina Concepts"

This is one of my characters, Edina. Edina is a very proper young lady who loves royalty. She frowns upon those who are improper or make fun of her. She becomes very upset if anyone is rude to her and will begin making strange noises.

"Zozo Concepts"

This is another one of my characters, Zozo. Zozo is a bird who used to be friends with Raven and Yaguh, but once he had Alphonse's beer, he changed completely. Zozo now hangs out with Alphonse and his friends and enjoys drinking.

"Model Figure 03"
More practice.

"Model Figure 02"
More practices.

"Model Figure 01"
Just some practices I did in drawing class.

"Gesture Drawing 03"
Some more gesture drawings.

"Gesture Drawing 02"
Just some quick gesture drawings, still getting used to doing those.

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