Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sketches from the Late Night Hours

I kind of cheated by drawing the sketches of these two last night (but it was after midnight!)... but at least I did my daily drawing by finishing them up today. ^^ I also realized that I'm a lot more positive about my art at like 6am, and I feel like I draw the best at that time as well.

"Hey Bro!"
This is a picture of Opko (the boy on the left) and "Bro" or The Brother Who Talks Like This (the one on the right).  These are two new characters I just recently introduced in The Worlds.  I drew this in more of a sketchy style with little tints of color.

"Zandra x Yaguzi"
I did the sketch of this last night around 6am, but I inked and colored it today. I decided that I really liked Yaguzi from the recent part of The Worlds, the Time Paradox Eventure, so I wanted to draw a colored picture of him. Also pairing him with Zandra seemed pretty interesting. I didn't spend all that much time on the background though.

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  1. Nice color! I really like the designs at the top as well.