Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A LOT of Updating

Wow I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to upload anything on here. I have been drawing though, so this is a giant update!

"Cut-Out Animation Storyboard"
Here's the storyboard that I made for my cut-out animation. Also there's a concept sketch of Trekkon, and some other notes off to the side.

"Concepts for Cut-Out Animation"
These were my concepts and ideas for my cut-out animation. There are also a few notes on this page, and ideas from my post-it note animation.

"Model Bones 03"
This was my first time drawing a male nude model in Drawing class. The top part is still the gesture drawings that we started out with in class, but the bottom ones are of the model, but mostly focusing on the bones.

"Gesture Drawings 01"
This was my first time doing gesture drawings in Drawing class.

"Frank Concept"
This is one of my characters, Frank. Frank is a very outgoing young boy who does not have very much knowledge. He is very curious and will speak his mind out without knowing what right from wrong is. He is easily infatuated with girls and likes to talk with them. Frank is very immature and loves dirtiness.

"Katume Hefta Concept"
Katume is another one of my characters. Katume used to be a mindless follower of Death, but once Trekkon joined his side, he began to think on his own and develop a friendship with Trekkon. Katume is very active and shares his thoughts with Trekkon alone, treating him as a brother. He loves the thrills of battle and will fight whenever he has the chance to. He looks out out for Trekkon and will stay by his side whenever needed.

"Chila Concept"
Chila is one of my characters. Chila is a very unintelligent girl who loves her older brother Ronny. She is entertained very easily and loves living in the dump. She is amused by playing with garbage and eating crackers. Although her intelligence level is quite low, she is still a very polite girl.

"Skine Marnian Concept"
This is my character, Skine Marnian. Skine has a strong connection to his small group of childhood friends and will do anything he can to help them out. Growing up in a tribe of medics, he has the ability to aid them in healing. Skine has a carefree personality and likes to joke around with his close friends. He is very polite to people that he does not know, and is all-around a friendly person.

"Jibu Concept"
This is my character, Jibu. He is a very quiet Nay, and will never talk. Sometimes when someone is talking to him, he will either not respond, or write down his answer on a paper to avoid talking. He began doing this because Chozu, Ralphie, and Scott made fun of him for not talking, when he would only talk with Gair quietly. Now the only one he will say anything to is his best friend, Zitca. Jibu's voice has now changed to a whisper, when he is forced to talk. He will also either speak to Gair through his mind or talk in a quiet voice that only Gair can hear. He has gradually grown closer friends with Gair once more, and has a new style of fighting: he throws cards as a weapon.

"Skeleton Finished"
And so my skeleton was finally finished last week!

"One Color Appears as Two"
Another part of the same painting project.

"Two Colors Appear as One"
This is a project that I did for my painting class.

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