Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ALL the Homework!

"Pubby Vs Bloods: The Growing Battle"
Here is my first project for Experimental Animation, to make a Post-it Note animation. I might need to re-take all of the pictures since I just used my Digital Camera instead of the cameras in the Animation labs though. But this is my first real traditional animation I've ever done. It's pretty short, but it involved a lot of transformations and risk-taking. Basically Pubby, the cat, can transform into things and this here is the monster that he most commonly transforms into. Bloods, the dog, comes to try and attack Pubby, but he can't compete in growing in size.

"Bones in Progress"
I've been working on this skeleton for almost a week now and it's still not done.  I only have to do a little bit more on the way right piece and finish up the shading on the middle one, but then it will be done.

"Model Bones 2"
This piece was pretty much the same assignment as my previous drawing, except this time the model was sitting instead of standing. We did not have as much time to draw this piece, which is why the whole thing is very roughly sketched out, and I didn't really fix up any of the lines.

"Model Bones 1"
This was my first drawing of a live model. We just had to draw the contour of the body, and focus more on the bones for this piece. I didn't have enough time to draw nice line quality for the bone part, since I ended up spending too much time on the contour.

"Pointillism Practice"
This is just a quick practice I did in painting dealing with pointillism. I meant to upload this yesterday, but I was working on homework all day so I didn't have the chance to.

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