Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A LOT of Updating

Wow I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to upload anything on here. I have been drawing though, so this is a giant update!

"Cut-Out Animation Storyboard"
Here's the storyboard that I made for my cut-out animation. Also there's a concept sketch of Trekkon, and some other notes off to the side.

"Concepts for Cut-Out Animation"
These were my concepts and ideas for my cut-out animation. There are also a few notes on this page, and ideas from my post-it note animation.

"Model Bones 03"
This was my first time drawing a male nude model in Drawing class. The top part is still the gesture drawings that we started out with in class, but the bottom ones are of the model, but mostly focusing on the bones.

"Gesture Drawings 01"
This was my first time doing gesture drawings in Drawing class.

"Frank Concept"
This is one of my characters, Frank. Frank is a very outgoing young boy who does not have very much knowledge. He is very curious and will speak his mind out without knowing what right from wrong is. He is easily infatuated with girls and likes to talk with them. Frank is very immature and loves dirtiness.

"Katume Hefta Concept"
Katume is another one of my characters. Katume used to be a mindless follower of Death, but once Trekkon joined his side, he began to think on his own and develop a friendship with Trekkon. Katume is very active and shares his thoughts with Trekkon alone, treating him as a brother. He loves the thrills of battle and will fight whenever he has the chance to. He looks out out for Trekkon and will stay by his side whenever needed.

"Chila Concept"
Chila is one of my characters. Chila is a very unintelligent girl who loves her older brother Ronny. She is entertained very easily and loves living in the dump. She is amused by playing with garbage and eating crackers. Although her intelligence level is quite low, she is still a very polite girl.

"Skine Marnian Concept"
This is my character, Skine Marnian. Skine has a strong connection to his small group of childhood friends and will do anything he can to help them out. Growing up in a tribe of medics, he has the ability to aid them in healing. Skine has a carefree personality and likes to joke around with his close friends. He is very polite to people that he does not know, and is all-around a friendly person.

"Jibu Concept"
This is my character, Jibu. He is a very quiet Nay, and will never talk. Sometimes when someone is talking to him, he will either not respond, or write down his answer on a paper to avoid talking. He began doing this because Chozu, Ralphie, and Scott made fun of him for not talking, when he would only talk with Gair quietly. Now the only one he will say anything to is his best friend, Zitca. Jibu's voice has now changed to a whisper, when he is forced to talk. He will also either speak to Gair through his mind or talk in a quiet voice that only Gair can hear. He has gradually grown closer friends with Gair once more, and has a new style of fighting: he throws cards as a weapon.

"Skeleton Finished"
And so my skeleton was finally finished last week!

"One Color Appears as Two"
Another part of the same painting project.

"Two Colors Appear as One"
This is a project that I did for my painting class.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ALL the Homework!

"Pubby Vs Bloods: The Growing Battle"
Here is my first project for Experimental Animation, to make a Post-it Note animation. I might need to re-take all of the pictures since I just used my Digital Camera instead of the cameras in the Animation labs though. But this is my first real traditional animation I've ever done. It's pretty short, but it involved a lot of transformations and risk-taking. Basically Pubby, the cat, can transform into things and this here is the monster that he most commonly transforms into. Bloods, the dog, comes to try and attack Pubby, but he can't compete in growing in size.

"Bones in Progress"
I've been working on this skeleton for almost a week now and it's still not done.  I only have to do a little bit more on the way right piece and finish up the shading on the middle one, but then it will be done.

"Model Bones 2"
This piece was pretty much the same assignment as my previous drawing, except this time the model was sitting instead of standing. We did not have as much time to draw this piece, which is why the whole thing is very roughly sketched out, and I didn't really fix up any of the lines.

"Model Bones 1"
This was my first drawing of a live model. We just had to draw the contour of the body, and focus more on the bones for this piece. I didn't have enough time to draw nice line quality for the bone part, since I ended up spending too much time on the contour.

"Pointillism Practice"
This is just a quick practice I did in painting dealing with pointillism. I meant to upload this yesterday, but I was working on homework all day so I didn't have the chance to.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not an Art Day

"Ikalgo: HxH Collab"
I wasn't really in too much of a drawing mood today, and plus my pen pressure was broken, so this is what I came out with. This is just a fanart piece that I did of a character named Ikalgo from Hunter x Hunter. I drew this for a group collaboration on Deviant Art.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


"Pubby Ragger Concepts"
These are some concepts of my character, Pubby Ragger. I was trying to re-design him. Those two in the bottom left corner is what I'm planning on making him transform into in my animation for Experimental Animation.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Two Day Update

I wasn't able to get around to uploading anything yesterday, even though I did draw some stuff. So today I'm deciding to just upload everything from today and yesterday.

"Matoko Trenchu Concept"
These are the concept designs for one of my somewhat main characters in The Nays. His name is Matoko Trenchu. He is usually cold to people, and tends to blame his problems on Trekkon, his cousin. Ever since his aunt died, he has hated Trekkon, blaming her death on him; and when Trekkon joined the Field Ravens, and fell in love with Rasake, it made him hate him even more. Matoko is a very vengeful person, and keeps Rasake to himself, and will protect her at any cost. He also hates Gair because he fell in love with Rasake, and she returned his love. Matoko will usually not be happy, unless he is with only Rasake.

"Mahisa After Prison Concept"
This is a concept sketch of how Mahesa, or Mr Dude, looks after his time in prison. This is about the time when he is released or possibly even the beginning stages, since he is wearing his normal World Leader clothes.

"Oblo Concept"
Oblo is another new character recently introduced in The Nays. He is a very minor character who only says a couple of lines. But he is basically just one of the moderators for the PSChat, a hangout lounge in PS World.

"Icklu Concept"
This is a character that I recently created for The Nays. He is one of the Mr Dude World Officials that works under Ginko. He basically is just another one of the White Cloaked Men. He is a pretty minor character at this point, as well.

"Let's Think Up a Plan Color Draft"
This is still in the works of being made, and is not yet done. I haven't finished up the coloring yet, and I might need to go back and fix up a few things.
 "Skeleton Progress"
This is the beginning stages of my first detailed skeleton drawing. This is basically just the sketch, but within the next few days I will have the fully inked piece done.

"Optical Illusion Practice Design"
This is just a first practice design dealing with optical illusions. The top one is the initial image, while the bottom is the after image.

"Optical Illusion Practice"
This is just a quick practice I did in painting dealing with optical illusions.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

First in-class Animation

So today was an exciting day, since I had my first animation class, Experimental Animation. It looks like it's gonna be a really fun class, and I can't wait to learn all the things~

"Save Concepts"
Just another re-design of one of my characters from The Worlds. I haven't thought up a new name for her yet, but at one point she says that her nickname is Save.

"Cat into Dinosaur"
So this was my first official animation I made in Experimental Animation. I literally only spent about ten minutes on this, which explains why it's so simple and not very well drawn. I was just playing around with Plastic Animation Paper, since I had never used the program before. It still has kind of the concept for my first project though. Our first project is to make a Post-it Note animation, and this is my concept idea for mine. If for some reason my animation does not play when you click on it, you can view it here.

"First Skeleton"
I meant to upload this yesterday since that's when I actually drew it, but I didn't get around to it until now. This is my first time drawing the whole skeleton. It's also the first drawing that I did in drawing class this semester. I basically just focused on placing everything in the right positions, and didn't even bother with line quality here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Early Update

"Falling Grenna Sketch"
So this is a quick sketch that I did earlier just since I heard a bunch of sites are being taken down tomorrow for that Strike Against SOPA (I wasn't sure if Blogspot was one of them or not). This is just a request my brother had for my character, Grenna, to be parachuting from a UFO.

Fanart Sketch

"End of Buzz Buzz Sketch"
So friends and being social has been taking over my life once again. Sooo that's why I'm not really getting around to doing much drawing. My friends and I played a little bit of Earthbound today and so I just had to draw a scene from it.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to College

"Squall Chibi Sketch"
So today was pretty busy since I moved back into my college dorm room today. I didn't really have much time to draw so this is all I could do for the day. This is just a quick chibi sketch of Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy VIII.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Slow Updates

So this is coming to the time that I will most likely be updating less or just having more minimal updates, since the new semester is starting up Tuesday. I'm going back tomorrow, so I might not get around to updating very much.
These two are just a preliminary sketch on paper and then the line work that still needs fixing up. These are for my new Final Fantasy VIII fanart piece that I am working on of the Timber Forest Owls. I'll upload that picture once I finish it, which I'm not sure when it will be.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quick Digital Art Update

"Thinking Plan"
This is just a quick digital piece I drew today. This is my character, Darkitu, while he is thinking, or as he calls it, his "Thinking Plan." I tried out a more sketchy style with pretty simple shading, since it was more of a quick drawing I did.

"Thinking Plan Sketch"
This is just a sketch of the above picture.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Fanart of the Year!

"We Serve Master NORG"
This is my first fanart piece of the year~ So this is a realistic interpretation of a minor character in Final Fantasy VIII. This is one of the Garden Faculty Members that are seen throughout the game. And the background is the basement of Balamb Garden.

"Garden Faculty Member Sketch"
This just a sketch of the above picture.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thing Re-Design

"Thing Saku Reference Form"
Here is another character in The Nays. Thing is a very strange young boy. He changed from being a knowledgeable young boy to one with very little intelligence. Thing has strength within him, but he is usually too clueless to battle unless his friends are really in trouble. He is commonly seen with a large smile on his face as well as some kind of dirt or food stains on his clothes or face. Thing likes training and believes that if he stops moving, he will become weak, so is often found running around.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doge and Piko's Re-designs

"Piko Ku-Haan Reference Form"
Here is one of the main characters in The Nays. He is a serious-type who is close friends with Gair. He never opens up about his past, but he still knows how to have fun with his friends. One of his main interests is training, since he seems to be one to like getting stronger. 

"Doge's New Self"
This is a re-design of my character Doge. In the newest part of The Worlds (as of now), Doge changed to look like this. Once Darkitu begins training Doge, he learns how to use nunchucks and wears these clothes.

Monday, January 9, 2012


I actually drew those first two last night, but didn't get around to uploading them until now... But all of these pictures are my re-designing of old characters.

 "Larry Handu Reference Form"
Here is an old character from The Nays that I never got around to creating a good design for. His name is Larry Handu, but he is commonly just called L.Handu. He is a very shy boy who enjoys studying. He does not talk very often and he is scared of almost everything. He will only speak his mind to his closest friends like Ches, Gair, and Coy. He has practically no self-confidence and always relies on others.

"Sonia, Nifitann, and Andrea Concepts" 
Here are three more new characters that were made up awhile ago, but they were never actually drawn or made an appearance in The Worlds. Sonia is the woman on the left, who is in charge of the PS Chat. And then Nifitann is riding on Andrea on the right. Nifitann has the ability to shoot out lasers with her laser gun (which is not pictured in this concept). And Andrea is a flying chair that can talk. Nifitann always rides on her.

"Tifin and The Mother Concepts"
So here are two new characters that I actually made up the idea for many years ago. I never actually got around to drawing them until now. On the left is Tifin, a seductive woman. And on the right is The Mother Who Talks Like this, who just so happens to be Tifin's true form.

The Nays

"The Nays Logo Concepts"
I decided on trying to design a new logo for The Nays. I'm not completely sure if this is final yet, but this is what it looks like so far. I'm leaning more towards the one on the bottom with shading (out of these two). Pretty much all day today I've been working on some stuff about The Nays and trying to finalize some names for the characters and such.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lazy Art Day

"Celia Concept Chibi"
Today I really wasn't in an artistic mood, so I ended up being lazy and just drawing a chibi so I wouldn't have to worry about proportions being realistically correct. This is my first time drawing this character. She is going to be the mother of one of my brother's characters from The Worlds. We were actually discussing recently and might be changing the name of the series to The Nays, so I might be calling the series by both of those names every now and then. The Nays is our re-creation of our series in which we'll be fixing up the problems with The Worlds and basically just trying to make it a better and more original series than we made it when we were younger.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally Back to Digital Art!

So lately I've been drawing only traditional art, but I finally spent basically all day drawing a digital picture~
"Test of Willpower"
My first digital artwork in awhile~ It did take a lot longer than my traditional pieces, but overall I definitely think it came out better in most aspects. These three characters are my brother's characters in The Worlds

This is a scene from one of the parts that he recently made up. This scene is one filled with suspense. To summarize: basically a couple of the protagonists are forced into a situation in which three of them must volunteer to drink from glasses which could be filled with poison. The three that end up drinking the glasses are illustrated here: Trunks, Megumi, and AppleCider.

"Test of Willpower" [Sketch]
This is just the sketch of the above picture.

"Darkitu Concept"
Darkitu is a character that I actually created a really long time ago. He never actually appeared in The Worlds, he only appeared in a spin-off story I made in RPGmaker. But now I've decided that Darkitu is going to make his first appearance in the Preparing Eventure (which happens to be the next part that I will be working on soon). Oh and I actually ended up drawing this last night, but didn't get around to uploading then.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sketches from the Late Night Hours

I kind of cheated by drawing the sketches of these two last night (but it was after midnight!)... but at least I did my daily drawing by finishing them up today. ^^ I also realized that I'm a lot more positive about my art at like 6am, and I feel like I draw the best at that time as well.

"Hey Bro!"
This is a picture of Opko (the boy on the left) and "Bro" or The Brother Who Talks Like This (the one on the right).  These are two new characters I just recently introduced in The Worlds.  I drew this in more of a sketchy style with little tints of color.

"Zandra x Yaguzi"
I did the sketch of this last night around 6am, but I inked and colored it today. I decided that I really liked Yaguzi from the recent part of The Worlds, the Time Paradox Eventure, so I wanted to draw a colored picture of him. Also pairing him with Zandra seemed pretty interesting. I didn't spend all that much time on the background though.